My name is Vincent, Dutch guy living in Barcelona. I have a high interest in sports, music and literature. I love cycling and running and the sound of music has always been an important part in my life. Currently I study Political Philosophy at the Pompeu Fabra University and I am also working at a Google Project, in which I can apply my modest background in IT. The articles on this website are about my personal life, but also about the things I encounter while living in Barcelona or during cycling in beautiful Catalonia.

As student in Political Philosophy with a background in Social Work, I feel great aversion towards injustice and inequality and I am very critical to structures that keep these phenomena in place. In my current studies I am writing comprehensive essays and papers related to these subjects, and most of these long reads can be found on this website. While examining these topics from an academic perspective, I try to be as pragmatic as possible by always making a connection with real world issues and challenges.

If you are interested in all the papers and essays that I write, you can find them in PDF via ResearchGate here.