Academic Recommendations

Senior Lecturer and Coordinator International Student Affairs

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

“I have known Vincent as a very active student with a lot of ambition. He has excellent communication skills, mainly because of his high knowledge of Dutch and English. Even though his Social Work study was very practical, he also developed his analytical and research skills during his time as a Social Work student. Due to his internship in South Africa and his thesis research in multiple countries in Scandinavia, Vincent has gained experiences not many others in his age group have. Besides that Vincent could maybe be a bit more open for criticism (maybe because of few experience with it), Vincent is a professional with high potential, and he would not surprise me if he ends up in a management position.”

Lecturer, researcher and coordinator Social Work

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

“Vincent was one of our great students. He participated for years in the education committee and always had a analytic and proactive approach of learning and thinking about new ideas. Beside that he always is very international orientated.”

Professional Recommendations

Quality care coordinator

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

“I met Vincent when he was in his second year at the University of applied Sciences in Amsterdam. He was a member of the student board of Social Work (MWD). Together we worked on creating awareness for Social Media and using Social Media to connect with the students and teachers. Vincent has a lot of different skills, I would like to zoom in on his communication skills. Vincent is able to clearly presents his ideas and still stay aware of his “customer”. He is able to build a work relationship which is based on trust, respect and common interest. He knows what he’s talking about and can also use this knowledge to actually getting things done. He can organize information in a systematic way without losing sight of his priorities and still meet his deadlines. The combination with his ICT skills makes Vincent a loyal, creative and funny hard working professional.”

Managing director

All Suriname Tours

“Vincent worked for three months as Interim PR Manager at All Suriname Tours in Paramaribo. At the start we asked him to improve marketing and communication aspects of our company. In three months he did this to the utmost, including building a complete new website, improving our online (social media) presence, improving our employees’ communication skills and implementing new online applications for our invoices, calendar and other office processes. I would recommend Vincent to all sorts of organizations due to his pro-active attitude, his flexibility and his eloquence.”


Municipality of Amsterdam

“Vincent did his internship at one of our Social Care teams in Amsterdam South East that I managed at the time. It was a hectic period (because of different transitions within the social domain) whereas a municipality we needed to shape a new method for families with heavy, multiple issues. Amsterdam South East was one of the most challenging neighborhoods in Amsterdam to work in. Within this context Vincent has proven to have a relaxed, stable and professional attitude which caused that he relatively fast could have his own cases. Despite much inaudibility because the methods changed along the way, Vincent was noticeable courageous and effective in his approach towards the families. This was very impressive from his role as intern and says something about his character and his potential. Vincent had an outstanding rating for his work. Vincent is without doubt a acquisition for every team.”

Theatre manager

Pathé Tuschinski

“In the two years that Vincent worked at Pathé Tuschinski he was always dedicated and supported for 100%. Fast working, accurate and service. Besides service representative Vincent was also involved with guided tours. This he did with a lot of dedication and pleasure. When you have the luck of having Vincent in the team you can count on a loyal and trustworthy employee.”


Pathe Tuschinski 

“I have worked with Vincent in the Pathé Tuschinski Theatre as his manager. As a service employee he is very service oriented, approachable and a hard worker. As a guide he is an inspirational speaker, a good story teller and an excellent host. I especially enjoyed his entrepreneurship and his open minded view of this world while working with him. All I can do is recommend Vincent!”

Lecturer and researcher in Applied Psychology

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

“Vincent has helped me for a few months with a research project on the effects of different programs in Amsterdam on the financial self-sufficiency of citizens. He was always very helpful, proactive, and enthusiastic. A very nice colleague to work with!”

Projects Director

Beth Uriel

“Vincent is a very detailed-oriented person and he enjoys to write (journal or blog about his international experience including his experience with us in Africa (including Cape Town areas). He had contributed quite well in our youth program which is based at social work practice of which the program intends to prepare youth in the transition towards independence.
He had inspired our young men to believe in themselves and embrace opportunities that come at their disposal. We were very pleased as the organization to have him around.”